Beautify and Filter Your Clicked Pictures with B612 Application

What is the b612 application?

You must have seen people posting images with different types of filter on their faces, which often looks cool. Various applications do it, and one of such is the B612 application Chiefway Malaysia. It is a camera-based application, which uses your camera to take selfies and further beauty and modify the taken image. The application is packed with lots and lots of filters by which you can add and modify your clicked photos. The application features more than 1500 stickers and even include facial recognition options. With these features, you can transform your face into cute looking adorable animal faces, bunny ears, weather filter, and many more of those.

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How to download the B612 application?

B612 app is made by SNOW Inc. and is available for both Android and iOS platforms The application can be downloaded easily from the official stores of Android and iOS. But still, if you want to keep the installer file for the application, you can download one for the Android devices from search results on the web browser. 

Just visit the website, the official store of Android or iOS, search for B612 and click on download. The application is of medium size 66 MB, taking a minute to download depending on your internet connection. After downloading, it will be installed on your own. Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to open the application. Click on open and enjoy your B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera Application.


What are the features of the B612 application?

Since the launch of the application, B612 has got lots and lots of medication, and in each changelog, there is the addition of one or more new features. The current version of the 8.3 with all the latest new features. Here are the features of the B612 application.

  • More than 1000+ stickers – These are active in the image as well as in video mode. The recent addition is the facial recognition with which you can transform your face into cute animals, whether it be a cat, dog, or bunny
  • Click a real-time beautified picture, i.e. you can choose the options like background blurring, adding objects in background in the real-time scenarios
  • You can save your most used filters that suit your taste. The filters available are of food, landscapes, or any other occasions. 
  • Even if your camera lags the HD resolution, with the help of its filter, you can still make high-quality videos, and not only that, you can add objects too in the videos with various effects and playback sounds for more dynamic videos  
  • Create collages with the help of the in-built feature of creating collages in the application
  • Use AR stickers and meet cute characters 
  • Play videos on a loop with the help of the Boomerang feature.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the B612 application?

If looking for the application perspective, the b612 app is a place for more than 1000+ stickers and filters with a friendly UI interface, and the filters are updated frequently. Whereas it has some disadvantages too, such as picture quality is not good and takes a lot of space in the memory.


Looking at the features, advantages, and disadvantages, it can be depicted that if you are using the application for normal clicking of photos and videos, it is one of the best apps but not suitable for heavy usage. The use of the application is simple, thanks to its interactive UI.